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Uplift your mood and attitude with the power of accessories

Let’s face it, Minnesota winters can feel long and daunting, especially for those of us (like myself) who are not cut out for the frigid cold. This is the time of year when most folks can’t wait for spring to arrive. Many of us are looking for hopeful signs that a warmer season is drawing near.

An assortment of fashion options courtesy of MEZAI Accessories (Olivia Crutchfield/MSR News)

One sign of spring can be seen in the increasing amount of daylight, while another comes in the happy songs of birds. However, the most encouraging sign I like to see is the wave of spring fashions and accessories, inspired by top designers around the world, that begin to appear in our retail stores.

Here are four fabulous and practical ways you can add a few new “on trend” accessories to your current wardrobe that will be sure to elevate your mood and attitude, and have you feeling the spirit of spring in no time.


A great way to liven up your ordinarily dull wardrobe is by topping it off with a stylish hat. Baker boy hats and beret caps are currently all the rage. Either style is a great go-to option for enhancing your outfit in a completely chic way. These hats are a perfect choices for your favorite weekend look. Whether paired with jeans, a dress, or even a chunky knit, this stylish accessory always looks great. So, say goodbye to your beloved wide-brim styles, because these are the must-have hats of the season. If you aren’t ready for this trend, don’t fret—baseball caps have also made a fashionable, non-casual return.

Bold Necklace

When in doubt on how to make any outfit look special, just add a statement necklace and boom — you’re on the right track girlfriend! Statement necklaces are trendy, colorful, and can add funky pizazz to any look. There are endless styles to choose from. You could wear a gold chain collar necklace, or a silver fringe necklace, or a colorful beaded necklace. From a simple white t-shirt to your classic black dress, this one accessory in itself can spice up any outfit that you currently own.

Belt Bags

Want to add convenience and cutting-edge style to your wardrobe all at the same time? Then be sure to put a stylish belt bag on your shopping list. I am super excited to learn that the belt bag is continuing to dominate the world of street style. I just love their unique aesthetic and practical appeal. These hands-free handbags blend function and fashion and add a glamorous, utilitarian touch to any outfit. From sporty bum-bags to sleek, structured designs, belt bags are available in a range of styles, colors, textures and can be worn in many ways. I love the fact that this accessory trend is one that every lady can wear, no matter what her style.

Statement Earrings

When it comes to investing in new accessories, a great pair of statement earrings are always a must. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking to feel vibrant, why not throw on some colorful tassel earrings to make your outfit unique? Statement earrings have been the must-have jewelry item for the past couple of seasons. In fact, statement earrings appear to be growing larger in both popularity and size. Today, these eye-catching earrings have reached new shoulder-grazing lengths. I just love this!

So if you’re in the mood to make a bold fashion update, be sure to go for the longest and loudest pair you can find. If you desire a more conservative option, there’s always the classic hoop — they look fabulous with every outfit!

Although we will not see the true summer styles emerge until as late as April, this is the perfect time of year to start adding some of these cool accessory trends into your current wardrobe mix.

Not only is it the economically smart option, but it’s a lot of fun. And it’s an incredibly easy way to ensure an uplifted mood and attitude as you look forward to warmer days, and walk out your door in style.

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