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"Nicole is on a passionate pursuit, to provide principles and practical applications for women to become their most confident selves—from the inside out."

--Lisa Harris, Poet and Author, Unveiled Beauty



About Nicole Pillow:  Inner Beauty Consultant

Speaker, Workshop Leader, Empowerment Coach


Nicole first gained national and international recognition as a fashionista while working for EBONY Magazine as a Fashion Commentator and Production Coordinator for their Fashion Fair (the world's largest traveling fashion show) and as an Inspirational Speaker for Eagle University’s National Leadership Program.  

Now she teaches women there’s nothing more captivating and desirable than a woman who knows the value of who she is from the inside out. . . a woman whose confidence is defined from within, and whose beauty radiates from her soul.


She's able to translate her success in the pinnacles of outer beauty to inspiring women to value and develop their INNER beauty through her speaking, workshops, and personal empowerment coaching. She's the founder and visionary of The Inner Beauty Project,® a faith-based company that provides inspirational keynotes, workshops, trainings, and events.

Over the past 25 years her faith, hard work, determination, and an optimistic attitude have blessed her with this platform to inspire and change the lives of thousands of women across the United States and abroad.

Currently the Education Director at TANDEM, a non-profit organization that cultivates a community of hope for thousands of women and children in crisis, Nicole's also a Media Ambassador and Coach for Weight Watchers International.    Each week she equips hundreds of people with the skills and mindset needed for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Nicole's on a mission to provide the principles and practical applications that are needed for women to become their most confident selves and to experience freedom from any superficial standards or judgments set by society. If this is something of interest to you, your members, your employees, or others, click here to call her!  She's available and willing to travel!


You can call her at (651) 757-5986 or email her at if you or your organization is interested in finding out more about her speaking, workshop, or coaching availability.

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