Your greatest joy and success

in life is found below the surface.

Let's dive deep, shall we?



It’s likely you received a personal invitation from me, or I was recommended to you by someone you trust. But whatever the path…I’m so glad you’re here!


I’d like to extend a complimentary 20-minute phone call to explore whether my  Inner Beauty Coaching is right for you.  We'll explore the problems and issues on your mind that a few sessions of Inner Beauty Consulting might help you solve.


If it seems like a good fit, we can schedule a Connect & Cultivate™ breakthrough session. Sixty minutes toward transformation and elevation with me, Nicole Pillow! My goal is to help you evolve into the most BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, and EMPOWERED version of the person YOU want to be — the person you were created to be — from the inside out!  The price for one 60-minute session is $100 (or ask me about $200 for three sessions).


No matter where you are along your journey, I am equipped to help you DIG DEEPER into the rich untapped soil of your life.


Some areas of breakthrough and growth may include how to:


  • Live with PURPOSE & PASSION


  • Activate your POWER MODE

  • Move beyond ANXIETY & FEAR


  • Embrace a POSITIVE BODY IMAGE … and so much more!


I'm always blown away by what is cultivated when we take full responsibility for our future.  Amazing things happen when we bring our real, imperfect selves to the table and give our hearts a chance to be heard. 

If we find that my coaching is likely to be helpful to you, you can sign up for one or three sessions.  The main focus of this time is your breakthrough! 


During this time of you will:

  • Define your vision

  • Set challenging goals

  • Create a plan of action to achieve powerful results


I believe in you. And I am thrilled to offer you my guidance and support as you take courageous steps of action toward cultivating a life that you love and maximizing your God-given potential!





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