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"The women who heard Nicole speak at our annual Women's Retreat, were highly satisfied with her level of engagement with the audience. She is a dynamic speaker. She has a natural gift of delivery and was able to balance some light-hearted, fun moments with the weight of life's hurts and disappointments. She was able to captivate attention and maintain it, which can be a difficult task. Her authenticity and vulnerability was noted by many, making her relatable and relevant. The women listening were alternating between side-splitting laughter and moments of painful emotion and tears. She made important biblical truths accessible to women in a variety of circumstances. She prompted reflection and audience participation, which richly benefited the group.


"I would definitely recommend Nicole to others. She is a gifted speaker and most certainly is being used by God! It was a true privilege to have her and we have heard many, many positive comments. I am grateful for the thought and prayer she put into the planning of our event. Her message is precious to the minds and hearts of women, young and old. I praise God for the ways He is using Nicole to touch women. "


Emily Keiber - Hiawatha Church, Woman's Ministry Leader


"At first I was hesitant to sign up for [Nicole's] workshop because I felt I would be intimidated by the material but it was quite the opposite. I enjoyed it so much! The material is so helpful, as well as subtle, not in your face like I feared it would be, but instead it was very reassuring. There were definitely personal challenges for me when it came to the questions I was asked to consider during the workshop. But I love that part because it allowed me to put forth some critical thinking and dive deep within myself and have breakthroughs to what really matters in my life. Through my experience at the Inner Beauty Workshop, I have achieved a better sense of self worth, who I am, and I've built a relationship with God that I never had and never explored until now. Honestly... this was the true meaning of priceless!!! "

Brenda Curtis 



"The Inner Beauty Project workshop experience was right on time for me. I needed something real and upfront. The curriculum helped me to re-establish and renew my my faith and personal belief. I was also able to identify with other women, wives, and mothers who attended. I would highly recommend that others participate in this workshop and find a way to promote this opportunity in their community." 


Saleemah Crenshaw

Nicole is a phenomenal trainer and facilitator.  She led a one day team building session for my staff and I received consistent positive feedback. The participants felt enlightened and motivated after the session.  We work in a very emotionally charged social service setting.  Nicole’s inspiring delivery was like a visit to an oasis for my team.  I can’t say enough about the gifts that are embodied in Nicole.  I would love to have her come back and share her expertise with my staff again. 


Thank You

Lynn K. Lewis, MSW

Executive Branch/Regional Director
Bethany Christian Services Minnesota  

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