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Four fabulous ways to layer up in style

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

MSR News Online/MSR News Online

Baby, it’s cold outside, and the scramble to stay warm and cute begins. It’s tempting to throw fashion to the wind and pile on everything in your closet until your silhouette is buried. The good news is, with a hint of creativity and personal flair, we can achieve both warmth and style at the same time. So ladies (and men), where do we begin? It all starts with the art of layering — pairing different types of clothing together to create an effortlessly unexpected, flattering look.

Here are four fabulous ways you can stay warm and cozy from head-to-toe, without sacrificing style.

1). Body-con meets knitwear — a long-sleeve tee or fitted button-down shirt, for example, can be layered underneath a cashmere-blend pullover sweater that skims the frame without appearing too bulky. Be sure to allow the collar, hemline, and sleeves of the shirt to peak out a bit to enhance this layered look. For a touch of current trend, mix in a shirt with a plaid, winter-floral, or striped pattern. To achieve a unique twist with lots of warmth and texture, try layering a long-sleeve cotton shirt underneath an opened chambray shirt, underneath an unbuttoned chunky cable-knit sweater.

2). Flash-dance meets footwear — Step up your layering game with a pair of leg warmers or knee-high socks. Legwarmers scrunched above a pair of ankle boots, wedge shoes, or even a pair of closed-toe heels, are sure to add a fashionable yet functional layer of warmth. A pair of textured knee-high socks peeking out from under calf-high boots is my favorite way to rock this layered style. Determining how far to scrunch down or pull up will depend upon your boot style and body proportion. So play around a little to find what looks flattering. A pair of textured knee-high socks peeking out a few inches from underneath calf-high boots is a great option to bring a more conservative feel to this layered style.

3). Comfy cozy meets classy chic — one of the coziest winter clothing items you can incorporate into your fall and winter wardrobe is a flattering sweater dress. This no-brainer layering piece is extremely versatile and will keep you warm and stylish on those chilly days. Sweater dresses are available in various styles. A key component is to determine your body shape and decide what cut, design, and length will flatter your figure the most. Once you get this first step down, the layering can begin.

Textured tights or your favorite skinny jeans make a great option to layer underneath.A pair of leather leggings will bring a sleek contrast to your look.Achieve a sporty feel by layering a quilted cropped vest.If your sweater dress is a bit too shapeless, adding a thin belt will usually do the trick.Drape a plaid blanket scarf over the shoulders like a poncho, or around the neck. Flats will dress your look down, while heels and ankle boots will dress it up. If you’re in the mood to make a sexier statement that’s sure to be on point, go with a pair of over-the-knee boots.

4). Fur meets functionality — When the temperatures start to drop and you’re shivering from the frigid air, add luxury and functionality to your winter layers with a (real or faux) fur vest. For glam and elegance, lean toward blacks and browns. While winter white and rich neutrals are a trustworthy option, it’s the colorful fur in bold shades of canary yellow, red, and peacock blue that are taking center stage.

Lately, I have fallen completely in love with feminine hues of powder pink and smoky grey. When it comes to layering your fur vest, the options are endless. Let it bring a fashion-forward look to your favorite pair of distressed jeans, graphic tee, and a simple cardigan. Layer it over a long-sleeve blouse or a button-down shirt. If you layer it with your sweater dress and over-the-knee boots, you’ll have a match made in heaven.

The temperature may be going down, but with these fashion-forward tips, you’ll soon be wrapping yourself up in warm and stylish layers.

Until next month, my beauties, take the time to be Fashionably YOU- Inside & Out. Get creative, build on what you already have, and make it your own. When you believe you look good, it helps you to feel good. And when you feel good, you’re empowered to do good. And when you’re empowered to do good, you can make a difference in this world.

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