Nicole Pillow

the Inner Beauty Consultant

Certified Personal Empowerment Facilitator & Career Coach | Twin Cities RISE

VIP Celebrity Coach & Media Ambassador | Weight Watchers 

Motivational Speaker | Christian Youth, Oprah Winfrey Tour

Ebony Fashion Fair Commentator | EBONY Magazine

"Cultivating the divine inner beauty God has given you improves your self-esteem, increases your self-confidence, enhances all your relationships, brightens your future, and even heals your old wounds. That's how God sees you, how I see you, and how I want you to see yourself. 

Let's go!" -- Nicole Pillow 



       Nicole Pillow is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader and personal empowerment coach from Minneapolis, MN.  For many years she traveled the world to cover fashion shows for Ebony magazine, until one day at a Paris runway show she had an "aha" moment, an epiphany. A devout Christian, she suddenly realized that a woman's inner beauty is really more important than how she looks, that we are all God's beautiful creations -- "God's Couture."

       Since then, Nicole has striven to cultivate her own inner beauty -- her love, faith, kindness, compassion, appreciation of others, and other positive qualities, and has become happier and more impactful on her own life and those of other women.


        Whether as a coach at a prominent non-profit organization, an ambassador and celebrity coach for Weight Watchers International, a speaker, or a workshop leader, Nicole's success helping women see themselves as God sees them raises their self-esteem and confidence, improves their careers and marriages, heals their old wounds, and makes them less vulnerable to the negative messages of society.  

        She has now made that her focus.  Her mission in life.  Her purpose.




  • Become your best self.

  • Let your beauty shine.

  • Love and be loved.

  • Follow your bliss.

  • Be fully alive.

  • Have more confidence.

  • Find your voice.

  • Live your faith.

  • Become the person God   meant you to be.



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